Property Management

Property Management

Are you a property owner about to leave the country/area for a long period and need your property managed? Real Diani Ltd acts on behalf commercial and residential investors, landlords, owners and occupiers ranging from international corporations to local individuals when acquiring, selling or letting premises along the Kenyan coast.

We offer a bespoke management approach for homeowners, landlords and developers on individual luxury homes through to new developments, offices, and industrial assets.

Our Management Packages

Yellow Pack
In this package Real Diani provides a visit to your property twice a week on random days to check on employees and general maintenance of the property. Information is submitted in simple report format that can be filed and kept for reference as well as a soft copy.
This Flexible pack is charged weekly and can also be invoiced monthly
•    Weekly Charge:  Kshs 2500/-
•    Monthly Charge: Kshs 8500/-

Blue Pack
This package includes the yellow pack details and extends to payroll administration as well as payment of bills. A simple budget is submitted every 20th of the month to allow enough time for payment of the salaries
•    Monthly charge: Kshs 12500/-

Orange Pack
The orange pack combines both the Yellow and Blue pack as well as value added services that include financial administration, human resource management and increased number of visits per week to the property.
•    Monthly charge: Kshs 20,000/-

Manager Relief
If your property already has a manager and it’s that time of the year when they need a break, Real Diani has competent and experienced individuals who can take up senior management position and hold fort for the time the manager is away with only 5 days of induction
Weekly charge: Kshs 12,500/-
Monthly charge: Kshs 50,000/-
Quote based on maximum 40 rooms

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